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Ready, Set, Start-up: Table of Contents

Ready, Set, Start-up - published by Drumlin Consulting




Section One: Validation — Convince Yourself 

Section Two: Planning — The Start-up Plan

Section Three: Development — Plan Execution

Section Four: Start-up Business Planning

Appendix A: Market Research

Appendix B: Market Report

Appendix C: Value Proposition

Appendix D: Business Planning

Ready, Set, Start-up: Introduction

Have you ever had an idea for a business you knew was destined for success? 

An idea that could serve humanity and make you wealthy in the process? 

You are not alone. Every day, thousands of people worldwide have great ideas

 for The Next Big Thing. Yet, how many of those ideas ever reach fruition?

 Not many. According to one venture capital source, about 1.5% of reviewed

 start-ups were funded and only one-half of those returned capital to

 investors. Statisticbrain.com reported, of the start-ups that became 

businesses, 50% failed after four years of operation. And the reasons? First, many 

entrepreneurs do not appreciate an idea is not the same as a start-up; 

and, those that became a business did not adequately understand their market.

The success rate associated with start-up situations is disturbingly low. 

First, recognize that an idea is not a start-up. It is an idea. Objective validation

 of the idea as a potential business is the initial step. It is the 

starting point in the quest to create a successful business. 

Idea validation appears to be an underemphasized requirement of the process. 

This guide is about process: from an idea, to validation, planning, development, 

and ultimately to a solid business plan. It is not a thought-experiment or an

 intellectual exercise. It is the real world with significant consequences.

Min-Liang Tan, CEO of Razer—a leading gaming company—noted that 

not too long ago, start-ups were not common entities. Today the start-up 

has achieved near cliché status as an easy avenue to success. 

Easy it is not. Success demands hard work, time, patience, passion, 

and a desire to be your best. “Embrace excellence as a concept and a goal.”

A successful start-up, CohBar Inc. (www.cohbar.com), is  based on research 

started almost two decades ago. After many years of diligent

 research, an idea emerged. Validation of an idea as a business opportunity

 led to creating a start-up. The company is now on the verge of 

achieving a major accomplishment: the discovery of treatments 

for currently untreatable medical conditions. CohBar is a textbook

 example of persistence and belief in a goal. Guided by a solid 

business plan, its market capitalization is about $250 million.

A goal of this start-up guide is to persuade you to apply 

a disciplined process-oriented approach to examining your idea. 

If the idea meets the criteria, employ the Drumlin Process to transform 

your idea into a well-managed, profitable start-up success. This is

 the challenge. Establish and maintain focus, pursue excellence, 

and be passionate about achieving success.

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