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Investing in Startup Listed Companies

(Investigation to identify "NEW" investment opportunities is underway)

Drumlin's "hunting ground" is the TSXV. More specifically the focus is on newer companies that have traded for a sufficient period to have gone over the share new price hump that typically occurs shortly after listing. Additionally, our typical recommended companies will be on a path that represents a solution-continuum between a well defined problem and a well defined market that will benefit from the solution. Often the journey along the path will zig and zag as ideas do not work out or better ideas come to light during the R & D. 

Investments in startup companies we recommend are Quasi-Venture Capital (QVC) investments. Quasi because, as the investment is in a listed company, there is always the opportunity for the investor to exit by selling the shares. This option is not typically available in venture capital investing.

The value of these companies is in the people and the problem they are solving. Typically, there is no additional underlying value. Further, the full-value will be realized only when success in the target-market is achieved. However, the investor may divest before full value is achieved by selling the shares.