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The path from problem to goal includes milestones, pivots,

 … and patience.


For the record, Drumlin Consulting is the publisher of Ready, Set, Start-up.

Drumlin Consulting can help you make your strategy happen.

Through hands on learning at various management levels, in a number of industries, my practical experience can be a benefit in assisting you to achieve your goals. My mantra is : plan well, maintain focus, and manage capital efficiently. Adherence to these principles along with excellent execution of your plan, will see your business achieve all that it can.

Consulting and Advising

As presented in Ready, Set, Start-up, I am of the view that an essential first step is the validation of your great idea. To achieve my desired level of understanding requires knowing what your idea represents and to have the same degree of understanding of the market to be served. I look directly to the company to determine What Is Going On ("WIGO?"), before I advise. That is my potential pivot point.

  • Undertaking a startup is not merely a matter of implementing a brilliant initial idea. Validate your idea, create a plan, and execute the plan.
  • If focus starts to move away from the defined-solution, re-visit and adapt the plan before proceeding further.
  • Understand your users. Try making your product/service not merely good, but excellent. The most important reason for having a surprisingly good customer outcome is that it helps you understand your users.
  • In the long term, it is better to have a few very happy customers rather than many “just-satisfied” customers. Go out of your way to make customers happy.
  • Evolving your idea is the embodiment of understanding your users.

What can Drumlin do for your company?

Tell me what you need. If I am not able to undertake the task I will tell you. 

  • Assess your problem-to-goal path and provide advice as necessary.
  • Research a subject and present findings needed by your company.
  • Temporarily fill a position that is not yet permanent.
  • Install Drumlin's spread sheet based budget and capital management tool.
  • Provide advice on funding sources and seek funding on your behalf.
  • Give advice regarding qualifications of advisors or directors.
  • Drumlin is free until we mutually agree that a fee is warranted. Give us a call.

I expect to earn my fees; not for just being there, and only if I add meaningful value to your situation.