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Commentary/Updates - World View

Here we shine the light on matters of interest to people that may have a reason to visit the website. Visiting suggests there may be a commonality of interest. Our focus will primarily include:

  •  Startup companies, new ventures, the TSVX, and other business matters. 
  • Living:  particularly with regard to Human Rights and the Environment.


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Nothing further need be said or added.

Our Earth

Our planet is suffering and we did it.

Everyone, that is everyone, needs to help right the wrong -  NOW!

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19Apr18 - Medical research is for the patient 

19Apr18 - CohBar Inc. trades on:  OTCQX: CWBR. It delisted from the TSX Venture Exchange due to a lack of trading in CohBar shares on the exchange. As a result we will no longer be reporting on this company. CohBar appears to be positioned to significantly benefit its shareholders. The accompanying report has been deleted from this website.

NexOptic Technology Corp. - NXO - TSX Venture Exchange

Due to the increased competitive risk to the company's development plans, we no longer follow NXO and have removed our report on the company from this website.