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Do you, or a friend, come up with potentially “Great Ideas”

that are never pursued and exploited?

Ready, Set, Start-up will show you how to validate your idea; and how to initiate and manage a start-up. Be your own entrepreneur. Buy an eBook or a softcover edition today.

Ready, Set, Start-up will show your friend how to validate the idea; and how to initiate and manage a start-up to exploit the idea. Your friend can be her/his own entrepreneur. Buy an eBook or a softcover edition for him/her today.


Ready,Set, Start-up is about a process. The process begins with an idea and the validation of the idea. Following validation, you will generate a plan to develop a product/service for its market.

The Validation Process

The idea represents a market need or a new product/service. Regardless, the successful fusion of a product/service and a market is the objective. The compatibility of this fusion must be validated before development planning commences.

Ready, Set, Start-up (The back cover)

Have you ever had an idea for a business that you knew

was destined for success? An idea that could serve humanity

and make you wealthy in the process?

Why are start-up success rates so low?

Can much higher success rates be achieved?

This guide begins with a critical step: IDEA VALIDATION.

The key to more start-up successes.

Ready set Start-up reveals a process that joins a Systems Approach

and Project Management to control planning and development

targeting your confirmed market. This guide explores

how to validate your idea and to pursue a successful outcome.

Ready, Set, Start-up is suitable for:

The newly graduated with a great idea for a start-up.

The company that wants to add a business or product.

Exploring your Aha! moment.

And anyone who wants to Get your BUZZ out of life™.

ISBN - 978-1-7753441-0-0 (Softcover)

ISBN - 978-1-7753441-1-7 (eBook)

Published by: Drumlin Consulting

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