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Do you come up with“Great Ideas”

that are never exploited?

Ready, Set, Start-up will show you how to validate  your idea; how to initiate 

and manage a start-up; and how to be your own entrepreneur.

This start-up book is a unique approach informed by personal experience. 

Amazon: http://bit.ly/ReadyStartup 

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An Innovative Way to Launch a Start-up

& Create a New Business 

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So, you’ve have come up with a great idea, had your “light-bulb moment”. 

The question is “What do I do with it”?

You validate your idea, launch a start-up, generate a business plan

 for a new business, and go to market. Easy to say, but doing it requires a process,

diligence, laser-like focus, persistence, a lot of “sweat-equity”;

and celebrating each success along the path.

The Start-up Process

Be your Own Entrepreneur

Amazon: http://bit.ly/ReadyStartup

Step 1. - An Idea

The process flows from your “idea”. The idea is a product/service plus a target market.

At the beginning both the product/service and the target market

 are assumed to be real and attainable. Those assumptions need to be fully tested.

Note: customers will not come just because you built it. 

Questions you must answer include:

      What is the product/service? 

      Can the product/service be created?  

      Will there be a market for the product/service? 

      Is the market economically viable as defined by your goals and objectives?

Complete the validation process by writing a Justification Statement.

If your founding group remains unshakeably convinced the idea is justified

as the right opportunity, launch the Start-up.

Step 2. - Start-up

I believe it is beneficial to accept that a Start-up is not a business but rather is a project. 

By definition a project is unique and has a finite existence. 

Utilize project management tools to develop a plan, and

classic feed-back loops to keep the plan focused and aimed at the target market.

If you are not aimed at the market, you will likely miss it!

Step 3.  - Business Plan

As the start-up project moves toward completion, the needs of a new business will become

 evident. At some point along the path a business plan will be required. 

The business plan will be the guide. To attract the capital and to move 

forward will require a complete and credible, not a blue sky, business plan. 

With the business plan in control, 

the new business emerges and replaces the Start-up plan.

Step 4. - New Business

Armed with a business plan it will be time to 

manage and grow your new company. 

Good luck. Your success will require focus, the pursuit of excellence, passion, and the process.

ISBN - 978-1-7753441-0-0 (Softcover)

ISBN - 978-1-7753441-1-7 (eBook)

Published by: Drumlin Consulting

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